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Half Billion Global App Users


Gamify Your Community

The New Breed of Community-Based Gamers

  • 90%: 15 to 34 year olds with a mobile device.
  • 70%: Gamers are young parents and teens.
  • 73%: Parents on the hunt for kid active.

Treasure Trails

  • $12 CAD per story
  • Annual active user community over 8000
  • Total annual sales 1 Million CAD

A proven business model.... But we can do it better.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Digitizing Content Distribution
  • Mobile Gameplay
  • Moderated Open Publishing Platform

More Compelling Platform & Reduced Operating Costs

MVP Ingredients

  • Content Management System + Ecommerce
  • Story Development with Partners
  • Marketing

Dream Team

Nathaniel Solomon Mike Valley Family Fun
Dev + Business Dev + Marketing Dev Content Partner

Estimated Shared Revenue

Content Producers (70%) / Platform Sales (30%)


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Gamify your community.